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White Fillings Service in North Carolina

If you have a cavity and are in need of a filling, it's important to keep in mind you have a wide variety of materials to choose from, and your dentist should be knowledgeable enough to suggest those options. That's where we come in. In the past, white fillings were considered less durable than traditional, silver fillings—but new improvements in the dental world are changing the landscape of white fillings, and the dentists at Miller and Associates are taking advantage of these advancements.

Today, natural-looking, metal-free options are not only long-lasting, but more tooth-like than ever. White fillings—also called “composite fillings”—are made of a combination of plastic and glass particles and are 100% safe and effective.

It's important to keep in mind: more people than you think have some sort of filling in their mouth. But not everyone has taken advantage of state-of-the-art North Carolina white fillings! The dentists at Dentures In A Day understand having a cavity can be embarrassing, but what can be even more embarrassing is having an old school silver filling making an appearance during a smile or a laugh! Don't settle for anything less than natural-looking, white fillings.

Enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile!