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Digital X-Ray Services in North Carolina

X-rays are an extremely important part of your dental exam and prevention plan. But, did you know: digital X-rays in North Carolina aren't as common as you'd think? At Miller and Associates, we use the latest North Carolina digital X-ray service technology—also known as digital radiography—to capture and store crisp, high-quality digital images of your teeth.

A quicker, more comfortable option than everyday traditional film X-rays, our state-of-the-art digital X-ray imaging has the potential to not only reduce radiation exposure significantly, but instantly target problem areas, as well. Digital X-rays have the ability to reveal the start of common problems, including abscesses, tumors, bone loss, tooth decay, developmental abnormalities, poor tooth and root positions, problems inside of a tooth or below the gum line, and more.

Because images are available just moments after taking the X-ray, our expert team can identify and diagnose the majority of common abnormalities before they develop into larger issues! Say goodbye to painful, unnecessary oral pain and costly repairs and hello to preventative treatment options! Digital X-rays are the wave of the future. And your future—and future of your smile—is looking bright.

Enjoy the beauty of a healthy smile!